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Keywords, Content Optimisation and Best Website Design

What use is your website without the right visitors?

Many website owners and developers lack the skills to optimise the content for websites, neglecting the most important aspect of website design and digital marketing. And your website doesn't get the traffic it should.

Keywords are the cornerstone of web page content optimisation and as simple as this may seem, it is a task that demands a scientific approach.

Professional website copy is driven by skilled research and analysis and is a process of trial and error.

Creating search relevant content

Creating the correct content for your website directly determines the relevance of your content for search engine result pages and ultimately whether your website will benefit from search engine traffic.

So important is the process of content keyword optimization that it should actually define the structural website hierarchy and website design navigation flow.

Content Optimisation affects choices of webpage URLs, website navigation menus, website page titles and descriptions, Header tags, hyperlinking text, image title tags, landing pages and ultimately the content of each page.

Content Optimisation also affects whether content marketing and other forms of Digital Marketing will be effective.

Website search engine ranking

Too often we see websites that suffer from thin, poor and duplicate content, a vulnerability that directly affects website search engine ranking.

Besides the lack of skills required to optimise website content, the website may not be on a good content management system that allows for the correct website pages and navigation to be created easily.

Some website designers and website design companies limit the number of pages or charge per page forcing business website owners to make self-limiting choices not in their best interest.

And we still find websites where the web designer or 'SEO person' actually places keywords in the page meta keyword tags, even though Search Engines such as Google have never considered keywords in this manner.

At ITM we provide Content Optimisation Services for Website Design that will bring you the right visitor traffic and grow your business.

Talk to us about your website content optimisation or Get A Quote. We do it effectively and affordably.

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