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Website Redesign - It's Time for a New Website Design Company

The best time to redesign your website is now!

The digital revolution has profound implications for the way we do business now and in the future.

Digital is not just a communication tool, Social Media, an App, ecommerce, an eWallet or your Smart Phone.

These are just some elements of the massive digitisation of our lives. Taken together, we are all to a lesser or greater degree living in, and dependent on, interaction with a digital world.

And no matter what your business sells, it can no longer do so within a digital world without itself becoming digital.

Digital is our world and Digital is the business.

Redesign - It's time for a new website design

Your Website is therefore your Business

Your website is your own digital offering, your software tool that forms the basis for all your marketing efforts in your digital universe.

We place a website in the centre of this universe, and it is from this that you establish a presence, visibility and interaction with everyone and everything around you.

Good website design should therefore be first on the list of all your marketing priorities.

Our team of web developers and online marketers at ITM have compiled a comprehensive list of reasons why you should consider redesigning your website and why you should hire a professional web design company (like us) to do the job.

Website redesign indicators:

Your website is Embarrassing

You know that a redesign is long overdue but you just haven’t gotten around to doing it yet, therefore giving out your website address to prospective clients is not something you do willingly.

Having a website that is embarrassing is far more detrimental to your business than not having a website at all. A substandard website will leave a poor impression.

Having your website professionally redesigned will cut out the embarrassing factor, not only boosting your confidence but your business’s sales too.

After you have your website redesigned you will enjoy the benefits of being able to direct your clients to your website with pride.

New web design trends leave your website looking outdated

The rate at which trends change and develop, a website that is even one or two years old will easily look and feel outdated.

With mobile devices quickly becoming the most widely used interface, it is important that your website is simple and capable of switching between desktop computers, tablets and smartphones.

When it comes to design, less is more. Even some of the biggest companies in the world have taken on a minimalistic approach to their websites.

Websites should be simplistic and flat with a modern design. Intricate websites are now a thing of the past so keeping it clean-cut is the way to go.

Your customers will enjoy using your website and will not dread having to access it in order to do business. They will return regularly and more than likely refer others to your website too.

ITM understands that an up to date, appealing website indicates a thriving business which will instil trust in your customers and drive sales.

Outdated website design technology

If your website is built upon outdated technology, you can rest assured that search engines will struggle to read it. It may also load slowly and be less visually appealing.

For example, many websites previously built using Flash no longer display automatically in modern browsers.

Consequently, visitors will be unable to load your website especially on mobile devices and will be forced to search elsewhere for what they need.

Having a website built on the latest technology will ensure that search engines are able to read and display your website without the need to download any additional software.

Your website takes a while to load completely

There are statistics that show a large percentage of users require a website to load completely within just a few seconds.

The longer your visitors have to wait for your page to load, the more you are at risk of not generating any leads which means your sales will be affected.

Redesigning your website will ensure that your website will be able to load on all devices in a matter of a few seconds without massive compromise.

This can be done by optimizing your images, but not compromising on their quality, avoiding videos that load automatically and minimizing unnecessary advertisements.

With a website that provides all the necessary information and imagery, but which is built in such a way that it loads quickly and efficiently; your visitors are more likely to stick around and become customers.

You don't have a Responsive Web Design

Our lives are on-the-go virtually 24/7 and needless to say, we need to be able to access the information we require wherever we may be and with whatever device we have at our disposal.

You can rest assured that if your website does not respond to all mobile devices, your visitor will become disinterested and your bounce rate will increase.

Redesigning your website will ensure that it is 100% responsive across all interfaces from desktop to tablet, making your visitor’s experience a pleasant one.

Your website does not interact fluently with social media sites

The first question you should ask is how easy it is to share information from your website to any and all (relevant) social media platforms?

The second question you should ask is how attractive and functional these “shares” will be on the social media’s website.

Does the link provide a thumbnail image? Is there a useful description in the link to clearly indicate the purpose of the link?

These are all things that ITM considers when redesigning your website.

There are some features that do not work properly

Your logo doesn’t load anymore, there are images that do not load, there are problems with your shopping cart and certain interactive features are not functioning as they should.

If any or all of these are true, then it is time for some serious redesigning!

When your website offers exciting features such as virtual tours that are glitchy or even videos or images that don’t open immediately, it is enough to send your prospects running.

Ensuring that all your features are working and all your software that support these features are also up to date, you will be ensuring a pleasant visiting experience, consequently turning your visitors into potential paying customers.

Website redesign and hosting with ITM covers these issues, we offer technical audits as well as free website upgrades which help us keep track of your site’s health.

Information provided on your website is not updated regularly

When you run a business, you won’t always have time to update your website and its information.

Having a web designer and online marketer to do this for you will not only take a huge amount of stress off your shoulders but also greatly affects lead generation and sales.

By handing over new information and plans for future changes, ITM can ensure that new information is made available to the public in a timely manner.

Mobile visitors are in decline

By far the majority of your customers are going to be using a mobile device to visit your website and if your website does not respond to their device you will see a dramatic increase in your bounce rate.

A website that is not mobile friendly will ultimately affect your business in such a way that it will prevent any leads from generating and your sales will decline.

Having your website redesigned with ITM will ensure that it is responsive to all devices which means browsing will be a breeze and naturally your visitors will stick around for longer.

Your business is no longer seeing results from your website

If your business has had a noticeable decline in sales, it could indicate that your website is no longer serving its purpose the way it is required to.

Furthermore, if your business is not growing the way it was planned for, it might very well be because your website is in dire need of a redesign.

Sales and growth in a business are directly linked to a functional and appropriate website.

You want to optimize your buyer’s journey

It is important to understand that when a prospect is searching for their desired product or service, they will more than likely follow a particular process in order to finally make their purchase.

Website redesign should focus on your target audience and facilitating the buying process and creating an optimal journey for your buyer from start to finish.

Understanding the particular persona that your buyer may have and then rebuilding your website processes around these personas to guide them through this buying process will undoubtedly contribute positively to your sales.

Website design should target your audience

Navigation is a drag

People who visit your website are essentially potential customers and they will undoubtedly want to be able to find what they are looking for, hassle free.

Prospects are going to want seamless navigation throughout your entire website, whether they are looking for particular information or wanting to make a purchase.

A website redesign should focus on anticipating the user’s needs at each point of their journey.

Your website is not consistent

When navigating from one page to the next, one thing your customers are looking for is consistency in design.

If every page you turn to has a different theme, font, overall design and colour, your visitors will feel confused by it all and will more than likely move on to the next website.

Aesthetics are important in this regard. You want your website to be visibly appealing; eye candy if you must.

Because we use CSS (Cascading stylesheets) and template driven design, the overall look and feel of the website remains consistent.

You’ve noticed an increase in the bounce rate

When you notice that the visits to your site were short lived, this means that there is room for improvement.

There are reasons why potential customers are losing interest in your website and your bounce rate is high.

You will want to ask what it is that is causing your visitors to leave the site as quickly as they come.

Is your website’s design unattractive or bland? Are your prospects struggling to find what they are looking for? Are simple tasks such as registering or making a purchase too complicated, causing loss of interest? Or is it simply that there is no immediate appeal?

In any case it is time to make the essential changes to keep your visitors interested.

You want to increase lead generation

Lead generation is about finding ways to attract people to make enquiries of your business using established methods…

Lead generation establishes the interest of the customer in the product or service by the completion of customer information (normally name, number and email address) so that the conversation can be continued by your sales team.

A website redesign should implement methods that are successful in generating leads.

A powerful method to generate leads is using calls-to-action across your website which increases the chances of you turning your visitor into leads.

Your brand is evolving but your website is not

In any successful business, there is growth and evolution.

Naturally when your product or service evolves, the way you advertise should evolve concurrently.

How useful will your website be if it is advertising products or services that are out of season or no longer available?

Visitors to your website will lose interest and will move along swiftly in search of a website that is up to date with the information they are looking for.

It is crucial to have your website reflect what your business is all about in real time.

Your security is not up to scratch

Having your website hacked is no joke at all. Being hacked strongly affects the trust your customers have gained in you and your business as it compromises their personal security by making their information vulnerable.

Many websites are hacked because the owners don’t update the software components. A website redesign should increase your website's security, consequently minimising the chance of a breach taking place.

You cannot update your website easily

Having to wait for someone to make even the smallest adjustments to your website will have a direct effect on the marketing of your business.

It is therefore important that a redesign provides you with an easy to use content management system that will facilitate website updates. This means that you will be able to add, remove or adjust parts of your website according to your objectives.

You will be able to update blogs, add fresh images where relevant and most importantly you can roll out promotions and marketing campaigns in a timely manner.

Being able to update your website easily means that your website will always be completely up to date and will be a true representation of your business.

Your back-end needs optimizing

The content management system (CMS)/ backend of your website is the driving force behind your website. This is the part that your customer doesn’t see but without it, your customer will have nothing to see or interact with.

A solid CMS means editing is made easy and functions are customizable.

Additionally, permissions and access are also manageable which means you get to control who has access to make changes to your website from behind the scenes.

Many content management systems have evolved to become more difficult to master rather than easier to use. And some other content management systems have stopped evolving.

In some case really simple content management systems simply do not provide enough flexibility to manage everything.

Decline in search engine ranking

Search engines are designed to look for websites that contain the most relevant content to the search terms used.

When your rankings start to dwindle, that is a clear indication that your content is not relevant or does not meet the requirements of the search engine algorithm for your keywords.

Websites need to have website content that is properly structured around your keywords, is search engine indexable and accessible to the search engine.

We call this process content optimisation.

Your website does not meet SEO standards

Continuous professional Search Engine Optimization will ensure your website and its content continue to maintain a high search engine ranking.

Many companies claim to offer SEO but the reality is that very few are qualified to do so. Even fewer still have a track record that speaks to their success in website marketing.

ITM follows a scientific data-driven approach that is focused on delivering results. It is for this reason that we insist on the use of analytical and reporting software so that clients can monitor progress.

It also means that we adhere to industry wide SEO standards and we set out to cover all the ranking factors implicated in good website SEO.

ITM Website Design and Digital Marketing Agency Cape Town

There are so many intricate aspects that determine whether or not your website is and will continue to be effective in attracting customers.

Any redesign should focus on all the above technical aspects if you are to get the most out of your hard-earned cash.

Modern website technology is largely unknown to many business owners and even with the relevant knowledge, knowing how to execute and maintain your website is a whole new ball game.

ITM is your one stop shop for all your website design and online marketing needs. Everything you need in one place to ensure maximum SEO, fluent navigation between devices and social media platforms, information that is up to date, design that is fresh and relevant ensuring longer visits to your website and lead conversions.

That is just to name a few of the highly beneficial outcomes you will achieve by choosing to redesign your website and choosing ITM as your website design company.

Contact us today for more information or Get A Quote.

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