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ITM - Web Design Cape Town - Best return on investment

Are you looking for new web design inspiration, or thinking of upgrading or converting an existing website? A few weeks ago we reluctantly created a page for our web design prices and packages I say reluctantly because as every business owner knows, other vendors are out there simply poised to undercut our prices just to get your business.

So we looked very carefully at our competitors and made sure that we offered the best website design packages and value for comparable pricing on every important aspect of web development.

Where we totally beat the competition:

Website design companies seem to have 3 options - call them Bronze, Silver or Gold. But unlike our competitors we didn't want our cheapest option to be the nastiest.

We are therefore focused on providing a complete website design with all the necessary components of the best website software CMS to enable optimum small business digital marketing.  

Most of our competitors limited the number of web pages offered in their packages, but we don't work like that. Once the website template is designed there is no limit to the number of pages that may be created via the DNN Software CMS.

Most of our competitors don't offer a blog engine as part of the standard package. But ITM provides a blog engine with every website we build so that businesses can immediately launch web content marketing.

We also offer multiple picture gallery format software.

Content Optimisation

Most of our competitors seem happy to publish the content provided by the client, but we go much further than that and optimise that content for more effective Search Engine Optimization keywords.

We also provide other Search Engine Optimization services as part of the development and include Google Analytics, Google Webmaster basic SEO tools and links to existing Social Media pages including Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Our basic SEO also extends to a fundamental website health checks and an SEO Technical Audit Report.

Additionally, every website we design is mobile friendly, a feature that many competitors do not offer as standard.

Most importantly, we offer training and support in website maintenance for DNN Software CMS so that you can be in control of the most effective business marketing facility you will ever need.

Contact us or Get a Quote to discuss your new website or a website upgrade.

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