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Proactive SME businesses deal better with declining GDP

The latest stock market plunges, declining growth in China and impending global economic downturn are threatening to derail the development of Small and Medium Enterprises in South Africa.

SME Businesses

See this article from FNB: Contracting GDP detrimental to SME development

How then should SMEs best prepare themselves to weather the coming economic storm?

The answer lies in technological innovation and better website marketing of the business, services and products.

Most small businesses have a website, but most are not making effective use of this resource to grow their business visibility.

Here are the website design elements that demand immediate attention:

Make sure your existing website is mobile friendly

  • A responsive web design will help mobile customers find and deal with you better. Mobile websites feature better on Search Engines and offer better user experience.

Connect with Social Media Networks

  • Social media marketing is the digital version of word-of-mouth. Social Networks improve your brand visibility and familiarity with your products.

Start publishing more information, more often, and more effectively.

  • Make sure your website has a good blog engine. This will also allow you to share your news with Social Media, and in return bring more traffic back to your website.

Get your website content optimised

  • Make sure you have all the keywords you want to be found on, on your website. If your content is stale, chances are it is out of date and no longer relevant to your business.

Get an SEO Technical Audit and implement the recommendations

  • Simply making sure that your website pages have the right settings will boost your page rankings on the Search Engines.

The relatively minor cost of fixing your most important marketing resource is far outweighed by the benefits of the above fixes.

Remember! It won't sell if nobody knows you have it.

Contact ITM Website Design Cape Town or Get A Quote. We have an affordable solution for you.

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