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SEO is a process, not a result

What is SEO (Google SEO)

Definition: Search Engine Optimization is the activity of improving organic search engine rankings, and thereby maximising the quantity and quality of your website traffic, by creating relevant and authoritative page content pertinent to your business, products and services. 

SEO therefore forms the basic cornerstone of internet marketing.

SEO Marketing

The SEO process has a goal

The goal of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is place your website at the top of any user search result page for your particular product or service. Although this result may seem elementary, there are many different qualifiers to meeting the criteria of a search engine algorithm. 

For example, there are probably many different keywords that you will need to rank for. And there are many different audiences and media channels. There is, therefore, no single way to grow your website rankings so that you can appear on top of the search engine everywhere, without a systematic approach based on a comprehensive SEO data analysis. 

So you thererfore need to deploy many strategies, working together, that build on top of one another. This comprises multiple activites over time, coordinated, to grow your website relevance to match search engine queries.

SEO has a business purpose

The higher your website appears on the search engine the more traffic it will get. This translates into more business queries and more business leads.

Therefore the purpose of SEO is to provide higher traffic to the website. SEO is about playing the numbers, the percentages that make small incremental differences in website ranking.

If your website does not rank highly, there is a reason for this. An SEO audit will provide an SEO report that will identify your website shortcomings and provide a clear route to improving your SEO rankings. 

SEO is an organic process

SEO is focused on organic search engine search results because this provides business opportunities that you do not have to pay for. But this does not mean that SEO is free. You have to allocate some resources to the SEO process, preferably on a monthly basis. 

SEO, if done properly, can eventually replace much of your paid-for-advertising spend in your marketing budget.But unlike advertising, SEO provides a cumulative effect, building on previous SEO and ranking activities. 

SEO is focused on quality

Search engines work hard to provide the correct result to the user's search. A major aspect of SEO is to ensure that searchers find what they are looking for immediately.

This also means that your SEO manager must focus on the goals of the business by attracting traffic that relevant to the products and services offered. It is pointless to attract website traffic that is not focused on buying your product and service.

SEO is competitive

It is useful to conceive of SEO marketing as dislodging competitors higher up in the search engine ranking. In effect this is what SEO achieves, and is the reason why SEO can take time and be difficult in a highly competitive market.

Just as the business environment changes over time, so does technology, consumer and business needs. Competitors in the market will also be working hard to reach consumers and gain and retain market share.

It is therefore important to look at other mechanisms to extend SEO and keep refining your business website offering.

The SEO process is continuous

We see SEO as the primary mechanism of internet marketing, and the necessary first step in focusing your online marketing efforts. All other efforts should flow from and build on this process. 

Having a achieved a higher search engine ranking doesn't mean that you should relax your efforts. Consistency is required to grow and maintain your search engine ranking over time.

ITM Website Design, SEO and Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimization is not a microwave or silver bullet. But given a consistent approach, ITM SEO will yield powerful, enduring results that pay off over many years.

ITM Website Design is an SEO and online marketing company. Our SEO clients are consistently found at the top of search engine results in their respective industries. Our SEO packages are priced affordably to make SEO services affordable and effective.

Contact us if you want to speak to an SEO specialist, or Get A Quote, and drive more traffic through SEO ranking and grow your business. 

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