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Web 2.0 - Social Media and Social Networking for your website

Fortunately your website is not your only digital asset. Social networking has expanded the way your business is able to connect with your audience.

Social Media Marketing and networking have become a way of life, almost every person uses a social media channel in some way or form. By your business not taking part in the social media world it is missing out on huge opportunities to market your brand and create long-lasting relationships with potential customers.

Improving your business’s online marketing doesn't have to be complicated, especially if your websites uses a DNN Software content management system.

There are a number of methods ITM is able to implement and manage your online marketing campaign. These methods will increase brand awareness, improve your user relationships and improve your online credibility, and build last-term relationships by engaging customers.

Start a blog

  • A blog allows a business to publish new and relevant content on a regular basis creating constant customer engagement.
  • Targeting specific keywords related to your business and integrating them into blog posts/articles assists search engines in indexing your site and it’s visibility.
  • A blog can be on any one or a number of subjects about or related to your business.
  • Blogs are a way for your business to share it’s updates on a regular basis with customers.
  • Your blog must always offer your reader relevant high quality content.
  • The DNN website software system comes with a blog engine prepacked that can easily be set up, styled and configured.
  • Please follow the link to view the article "Why ITM website design always includes a blog engine"

Suggestions for blog posts include:

  • Business insights and updates
  • Special offers and recommendations
  • Impact analysis of news
  • Product and service tutorials

ITM blog services

ITM are able to successfully create valuable relevant content and published it on behalf of your business, please contact us for more information.

Types of social media channels available:

Actively participating on social media and then linking these activities to your website is one of your business’s biggest assets.

Below are a list of social media platforms your business can open and utilise to assist online marketing.

All of which ITM will open and effectively manage on behalf of your business. For more information please contact us or Get a Quote

Start a Forum

A forum enables you to get closer to your clients and customers. It improves communication and enhances your customer’s experience with your brand.

Although DNN has a forum module by default, we recommend Active Forums for its superior end user experience and flexible configurability. Contact us for more information.

Send a newsletter

There is simply nothing like targeted communications to create a push-pull effect to your business.

An interesting and credible newsletter about your business and it’s product or services can help you build a loyal client base.

DNN website design software conveniently has bulk email built in. ITM has a great bulk email newsletter system that allows you to communicate effectively with a large database.

Post community events

An event calendar is invaluable in establishing your website as an authority in an industry niche. It creates dependence by becoming a reference resource.

Again DNN has an easily configured event calendar for you to use.

Support your community

Charity work is rewarding in its own right. Yet it also has many other positive spin-offs for a business, creating sustainable relationships and networks.

Adopt a charity, a church, community project or an NGO that you can support with your service or facility and get that feel good warm and fuzzy feeling for your business.

Build an online community

Active Social an online community platform allows you to build a Facebook-like application on your own site, and create the social network that your customers need to make your site the place to be.

All of the above social media and networking tools are easily available on the DNN software infrastructure.

Please follow the link to contact us or Get a Quote for more information on our social media services.

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