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ITM deploys new responsive website technology for all website customers

The purpose of a website is to allow your business to be found on the internet and to convert website visitors into customers. Existing clients must be engaged and relationships maintained.

More than 50% of all internet website browsing is now done via mobile devices.

Expensive old technology

Until recently the procedure to accommodate the demands of mobile devices entailed developing a separate mobile website that would work on Tabs and Smart Phones.  In addition many development efforts sought to create mobile websites that were specific to the most popular devices and left others out.

This is an expensive investment and generally an unsatisfactory solution because it means that at least two websites have to be maintained and content duplicated. And this partly explains why many website owners have not developed sites for mobile.

Poor user experience

In addition, although you can view most websites on mobile devices, the user experience for the majority is very poor:

  • Download speeds are slow for bulky sites and heavy imagery
  • Users have to scroll horizontally and vertically across the pages
  • Images are too large for the device and interfere with the browsing experience
  • Many website features such as older menu systems do not work properly
  • Legibility is a problem with fonts made too small to be viewed easily on small screens

Mobile devices have a variety of restricted screen sizes and also make use of browsers a lot more modern than those on most PCs and laptops. Older websites do not work well on these new phones.

A poor user experience on a website is guaranteed not to convert visitors into customers.

To overcome some of the expense some solutions recommended stripping out a lot of functionality and content leaving the mobile site with very little more than brief content and contact details.

Responsive Website Design

To overcome the above problems, ITM has developed responsive design technology that obviates separate mobile website development completely.

This new technology works on all current browsers and is cross device compatible.

This means that you only need to build one website and it will work properly on all mobile devices as well as PC.

Contact us or Get a Quote if your website is in urgent need of a revamp to a mobile responsive design.

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