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Digital Marketing - Do you have to be on Page One of the Search Engine?

Being on Page #1 of the Search Engine for your keyword search engine results page (SERP) is the equivalent of having your business signage on the main street of every town in the world.

Obviously, the position you occupy on page 1 is also important, with the website in position 1 on page 1 getting up to 40% of all leads from this SERP.

Page One or Bust

Internet searches rarely proceed past page 1, (Unless you are really dedicated to searching and have the time), because most people trust the Search Engine to return to them the most relevant and useful result immediately.

The SERP page only has room enough for 10 results, and in a really competitive industry (We are all in competitive industries), you could be competing against millions of other businesses for page 1 and the attention of the internet searcher.

And not everyone can be on page 1.

And even though you may be the best at what you do, and people deserve to know that you are, being on 5 doesn't help you one little bit.

Does SEO help you get to page 1?

Despite what the unlimited number of spam messages you get about SEO say, Search Engine Optimization doesn't actually help you get to page 1, it merely prevents you from being penalised by the search engine for not configuring your pages correctly.

So even though you have done everything right, you may still languish on page 5 - forever.


In the above case, to get onto the first page of a Google SERP with a low page ranking can only be done in the short term with PPC or Pay-per-click.

With pay-per-click, you get your web page displayed on the search engine results page (SERP) when someone searches for the keywords you’ve selected. As the name suggests, you pay only when your ads are clicked. Fees are based on a cost-per-click (CPC).

Google's PPC works on the basis of a bid for advertising display on the top of the Search Engine Results Page. PPC is therefore a form of paid for advertising and a decision to use PPC should be informed by the expected return of this investment.

Going direct with other forms of Digital Marketing

Being on page one may not however always be necessary. Other forms of marketing such as Facebook advertising, social media marketing and content marketing allow you to build your page rank and reach customers directly.

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