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Do you have a digital marketing budget?

If your answer is ‘NO’ or ‘Yes But’ or you do not actually know, then you are not alone.

By far the majority of SME businesses rely solely on word of mouth.

Advertising and marketing are often regarded as carelessly expensive or a waste of time and are considered a grudge purchase.

Sadly, many of these businesses do not yet realise just how effective their websites could be as digital marketing platforms.

A website has the capacity to form the base of any business’s offline and online marketing strategy.

The problem lies in the perception not only of the business owner but also of the website developer.

With too much emphasis on the technology, skills and design components, the ultimate aim of the website, to convert visitors into customers, is forgotten or never comes up.

The result is a website that is a passive brochure that barely justifies the expense of hosting, updating and maintenance.

With ITM however, our emphasis is always on the aim of the website in achieving your online business goals.

We already have the web technology, the website design and the skills to turn your website into the most effective digital marketing solution you will ever need.

Get A Quote or Contact Us for a frank discussion of your business goals and how we can get your website to deliver on its marketing potential.

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