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Website Design and Digital Marketing - Is your website serving your business goals?

Most people would agree that the sole purpose of any business website is to turn visitors into customers.

To do so it follows that your website firstly needs visitors (1) and secondly a way to convert these visitors into customers (2).

1. Getting more visitors to your website is the function of Digital Marketing

  • Analysing the correct keywords and sourcing the right visitors
  • Improving search results that feature your website
  • Reaching out to potential customers via:

Without digital marketing your website will remain undiscovered and the cost of website development a complete waste.

2. Converting more visitors into customers is the function of Website Design

Many websites do not focus on the business goals you want to achieve.

Ask yourself if the visitor to your website is asked to complete an action such as:

  • Contact you,
  • Sign up for a newsletter or news blog,
  • Subscribe or register for a service,
  • Download software or a Discussion document OR
  • Buy something

Although it is possible to measure all website activity, unless you measure website goal conversions and set targets for these actions there is no way to establish if your website is actually serving its purpose.

The design of the website - Graphic Design, Interface Design and User Experience Design -  plays an invaluable role in providing clear navigation, critical information and clear opportunities to perform online actions.

In addition, your website content must be informed by an analysis of what visitors are looking for on your website and thus digital marketing can inform website design

Your website is still your most cost effective mechanism to market your business.

ITM is a Cape Town based Website Design company, we specialise in making your business website the marketing platform it should be.

Talk to us about your website design and digital marketing needs or Get A Quote today!

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