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Does your website provide the customer leads it should?

How would we know? And if not, how would you fix it?

SEO for businesses that want to grow bigger. Getting more traffic to your website.

Every website has to perform two critical functions:

  1. Your website needs to attract the right visitors
  2. Your website needs to convert these visitors into business leads
    (For e-commerce websites this means converting visits into sales)

Without point 1, the rest is irrelevant, because without website traffic there will be no website visitors to convert. The processes of attracting the right visitors are called Online Marketing and search engine optimisation SEO.

Online Marketing is aimed at bringing people to your website through engagement and other forms of digital marketing offerings, while web SEO services are aimed at making your website more visible to the Search Engines, and especially about 'pleasing' Google's search algorithm.


Does my website actually need "Search Engine Optimization" ?

It may seem obvious, but it needs to be restated, that not all websites can appear on page 1 of the Google Search Engine.

And if you do not appear on page 1 of Google, your competitors who do, will be getting the website traffic that this search ranking guarantees.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of harnessing all the technical aspects of your website to work together to lift your ranking above your competitors and place you on Google page 1 for your business keywords.

Check to see if your website needs SEO

ITM offers a comprehensive SEO Audit Report for your website. These search engine optimization tools will provide you a benchmark and future direction for your business search engine optimization.

Give it a try, it's free!

SEO webpage designers Cape Town

Unless you specifically design a website with the best search engine optimization  in mind, the normal process of building a website does not include all the website search optimization required.

And because top search engine optimization requires ongoing research and historical search data, it is a process that evolves in most cases only after the website is built.

ITM - Cape Town SEO Consultants - include basic SEO in all our website designs, but this may seldom be enough to lift your business website visibility above that of your competitors.

Search engine optimization cost - SEO budget considerations

Search engine optimization costs should also be subjected to practical cost-benefit decisions. Yes, you can buy the Ferrari of SEO, but most businesses do not have the budget for this.

ITM search engine optimization prices are reasonable and hourly based. We provide tangible results and search engine optimization solutions and resultys that are measurable.

Understanding your business - SEO optimisation

We go out of our way to understand your business needs. We'll research your business, your competitors, your products and services, and even point out where we think you could improve.

Although most business owners have a very clear idea of what makes their business work, ITM SEO specialists will work closely with you to redefine your website content and website navigation structure.

ITM therefore provides search engine optimization copywriting, as an integral part of best search engine optimization practice.

Local Search - Mobility & Responsive Design - SEO services Cape Town

Any search engine optimization strategy must include web SEO that is focused on getting local traffic to your business website.

In order to do this ITM internet search engine optimization prioritises smartphone responsiveness with SEO for mobile.

SEO online marketing - Social Media Marketing - Website maintenance

SEO facilitates the further activities of Online Marketing and Social Media Marketing, and we also find that SEO identifies many website maintenance issues that will be addressed by our search engine optimization experts at the same time.

ITM is a leading Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company based in Cape Town & Port Elizabeth - Call Robyn Wilson | SEO Cape Town. Contact ITM or Get A Quote.

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