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All I want is a simple one page web design for my business

One page web design - Everything you need (and nothing more)

In website design simplicity means creating more with less.


Why clutter your page with useless information if your business product or service is really quite simple?

And what you really want is for visitors to your website to focus on the essentials of your product or service and then make a choice if they want to act on that information or not.

By placing your essential information on a single page, your website actually becomes your landing page.

This provides absolute clarity in terms of page SEO optimisation of your message and content.

And it is for this reason that one page web design can often provide better site conversions than other formats.

All on one page (Well almost)

Also referred to as 'pageless', the one page web design looks great on all devices.

Because the website is located on one page, it makes for faster and easier browsing, and quicker loading, if you take the necessary care not to overload the page with content.

Website visitors click on menus and jump to the appropriate section on the page.

One of the difficulties is incorporating new content onto the website, especially when search engines seems to reward blogs and constant content updates.

However it is possible to feed new content into elements on the one-page website, where these elements form a single access point to a blog, shop or gallery, while still keeping the one page design.

How difficult can it be?

Because there is no room for clutter on a single page website, even greater attention must be paid to the design aspects.

There is a much greater focus on the quality of the website and a lot of attention must be paid to incorporating interactive elements as the website storyboard unfolds to hold the attention of visitors. 

So although a one page website may appear simple to build, it can be as demanding from a web design perspective as any other site.

Combined with this is the demand for a lot of creativity and technical know-how to better convey the simple message you want.

It is easier to manage content on a one page web design, but a lot of work goes into developing this content and the way it is presented.

Is it as effective for Search Engine Rankings and SEO?

There are definite Search Engine Optimization benefits for single page web designs if the website is dedicated to a single product or service. It is critical that you publish on your blog on a regular basis to drive your keywords. Many product landing pages are in effect single pages designed expressly to provide a single simple point of interaction. A good example would be a one page website for an Electrician or Doctor.

What if ... ?

A one page website design is not suited for every business website. A question we are often asked is: What if the single page website is no longer enough?

When the business gets too big for the single page website design, we can easily convert the website into a multi-page website.

However, it is not recommended you switch from a multi-page website to a one-pager. Scalability is severely limited with a one page website and losing multiple pages could severely impact your site ranking if you do.

ITM Website Design

Website design costs are lower with a single page design.

Contact us or Get a Quote if you would like a quote for a one-page web design for your business.

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