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Will your Website thrive in the Zombie Apocalypse?

The pic says it all. So enslaved have people become to mobile connected devices that we can be forgiven for thinking the zombie apocalypse has already come.

How then does your website survive, let alone perform, in this highly personal yet entirely pre-occupied digital wasteland?

Fitness strategies for grabbing the attention of the walking dead.

Step 1: Make your website offering agile and responsive

Without a responsive website design, your website has zero chance of connecting with the undead.

A responsive design allows your website to work perfectly well on a mobile device, without asking the zombie to zoom or unzoom across the screen. Ain't no-one got time for that.

Make sure everything works well on mobile first.

Step 2: Strengthen your website offering through Search Engine Optimization and content optimisation.

Makes sure you get the right kind of traffic to your website, so you don't waste your resources and efforts on visitors that don't bring you business. 

Step 3: Connect with Social Media - Go where the zombies go

Build a permanent active presence on Social Networks so that the infected can easily refer their media hungry friends and co-walkers.

Step 4: If you have it, flaunt it - Make your beefcake attractive

You only have seconds to get the attention of the biters. Good images and design should fascinate the z-nation long enough to get your point across.

Be remarkable. (Likable, Shareable, Commentable, Linkable etc.)

Step 5: Go digital or miss the boat entirely

So many businesses are still hesitant about 'using this internet stuff'.  Technophobe excuses may be attractively quaint to fellow dinosaurs, but won't entice a nibble from the infected.

If you cannot deal, then hire someone who can do it for you. Rent the skills to help your business go digital. Or run the risk of being eaten alive. 

It is possible for the smallest business on the smallest budget to compete with everyone else for a fair share of the zombie action.

ITM is here to help you survive and thrive in the era of the smart device.

Contact ITM or Get A Quote for all your web design and digital marketing needs.

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