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Website & Digital Marketing pay off in the long run

But in any competitive industry, starting online marketing can be a very daunting task:

  • Your competitors are on page 1 of the Search Engine and have probably been there for years.
  • They rank more highly for many of your industry keywords and many of their internal pages have high search engine rankings.
  • They have the perfect domain name that you would have liked but were too late to get.
  • They may be bigger and have more resources than you.

The Best Website Design and CMS

Choosing the right website design software and online tools is very important:

  • Firstly you need to have an effective blog engine that allows you to publish easily and effectively share (Bookmark) your articles on social media and other platforms.
  • Your website needs to be on an easy, secure and easily expandable content management system allowing for unlimited pages.
  • Thirdly, your CMS should allow for easy integration of event calendars, newsletters, ecommerce, product catalogues, picture, audio and video galleries, contact and registration forms and other modules.
  • Your website design should be mobile friendly and responsive.
  • Your CMS should inherently support your Search Engine Optimization and digital marketing efforts and feature your social media linked networks.

Having the right tools is essential, but using the technology correctly is what stumps most businesses. This is generally because businesses lack the in-house skills and resources to drive online marketing. And staying on top of the technology is a real challenge unless it is your core business.

Employing the right skills is beyond the budget of most small businesses, while even large businesses may find that the digital marketing return is not justified by the cost of the in-house team.

Outsourcing your digital marketing to a service provider such as ITM is a natural choice, with defined project costs and goals, we have hourly and project rates, allowing for even the tightest budgets.

Your Digital Marketing Partner

Choosing the right online strategy and the best SEO and Digital Marketing partner is critical to competing successfully with online markerting:

  • Choose a service provider whose research and methodology is website analytics driven.

Unless you define your SEO and marketing goals firmly by the numbers, you will not achieve any measure of success. Use the analytics for benchmarking and progress reporting.

  • Get someone who is qualified.

Too often we see family members tinkering with Facebook as the business's sole digital marketing effort. Rather, Digital Marketing is a professional domain, so it pays to use someone who does it for a living.

  • Use people who learn about how your business works.

You want a service provider who is as passionate about your success as you are. This means learning what works for your clients.

  • Align your digital marketing service provider with your business interests.

Make the service contract dependent on the success of the digital marketing efforts.

  • Give it time or be prepared to spend.

Digital marketing is not a microwave dinner. It takes months to build an online presence organically, leading to a sustainable and durable result. But if you want quick results be prepared to spend on PPC advertising as well.

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