Web Banner Design

Web Banner Advertisements
Web Banner Advertisements

Website Banner Advertisement Design

Web banner advertisements are one of the most prevalent forms of digital marketing. Most businesses use them in one form or another because banner ads are an affordable, measurable and effective medium to increase brand awareness and stimulate traffic to digital assets. 

The purpose of a web banner is to promote a new event, service or product. It is highlighted information that the company wants the customer to know as they open the website page. It shows the most important key point of the brand.

Despite the popularity of the medium, a succesful banner advertisement is not that easy to achieve.

Why does one need a web banner from a professional?

Professional web banner design, makes allowances for different uses of the same content in different positions on the web page.

Benefits of web banner design

  • eye catching and grabs attention
  • to promote a new event, product or service
  • key point of the brand
  • actions on the banner, clicks and views, are measurable, and trhe effectiveness of the advertisement can be gauged, and different versions can be evaluated against each other.

Multipurpose usage of web banner ads

A web banner is a visual representation of the brand. It can be clickable to an online store, to fill in a subscription form, to answer a poll or to book tickets to an event. A web banner should change fairly frequently to stay fresh for the customer.

Call to action

  • promote a sale
  • can be clickable to tickets to an event for example
  • promote overall business