Product Packaging Design

Why does one need Packaging Design from a professional?

If your product doesn’t look great on the shelf then most probably no one will buy it. Packaging is tactile advertising. Your product needs to stand out from its competition. 

Just like your logo, it communicates what the company is about and how the product will benefit the consumer. As professional designers, we do a lot of research before designing the packaging. 

The volume and weight of the product will determine the material used to protect it. Packaging that grabs attention and highlights its product's value often creates more sales.

Benefits of Packaging Design

  • Protects your product
  • Branding on the shelf, shelf appeal
  • Can be stored neatly and economically
  • Includes information such as ingredients list, story about the company, serving suggestions, facts about the product, possibly images and photos

Multipurpose usage of Packaging Design

Some packaging material has been recycled. This is great as there is less impact on the environment and it shows that that is one of the company’s core values. 

Some packaging can be used again e.g. jam jars, glass bottles and baskets. Good packaging design lives on through reusable storage containers.