Social Media Imagery Design

Why does one need social media imagery designed by a professional

Social media needs to be engaging towards fans. Hard selling is over. It’s all about personifying one’s brand and making it appealing and relatable to one’s target market. 

The brand needs to be able to add value to a viewer’s life whether that be giving information, the latest news, being humorous or tips and advice/tutorials. 

The goal is to build a relationship with the customer and create a great brand reputation. Posting on social media everyday increases brand awareness. Social media is very accessible and affordable. 

Its success can also be measured digitally, unlike traditional forms of advertising such as posters and flyers. A brand’s social media message can drive traffic to their website and possibly generate sales.

On a practical level social imagery needs to be sized correctly because each social platform has its optimal dimensions, for logo, banners  and posts. Social media marketing requires the optimal usage of images, banners and post images.

Benefits of social media imagery design

  • adds value to consumers
  • brand awareness
  • build customer relationships
  • accessible
  • social media advertising can be measured

Multipurpose usage of social media imagery

Social media is all about sharing. A single post can circulate to masses of people. A post can also become viral which is a massive success in marketing. 

Brands can collaborate with other like-minded brands on giveaways that can result in generating more followers. This way they are sharing their followers and database with each other.

Brands can also work with influencers and bloggers for a similar outcome. The influencer can give a review on the company’s product. Micro and macro influencers are very relatable to a specific target market. A influencer personifies the brand. 

For customers to engage with the social media posts and brand, and for customers to share content with new viewers to increase the brand’s followers. To ultimately build a customer and brand relationship.