DNN Website Hosting

ITM specializes in DNN (DotNetNuke) website hosting and offers a range of hosting services in multiple secure web hosting environments. Their services include dedicated web servers, database servers, and email servers, which contribute to a high-speed, reliable, and robust hosting environment.

ITM specialises in DNN website hosting

We also offer website hosting services in multiple secure web hosting environments.

Dedicated webservers, database servers and email servers enable us to deliver a high speed, reliable, robust website hosting environment for our clients.

DNN Upgrades & Managed Server Hosting

Since ITM is a dedicated provider of DNN Software multiportal website hosting, we are able to provide regular website upgrades for all our website clients on a regular basis.

This includes upgrades to:

  • DNN Software Content Management Systems (DNN CMS Upgrades)
  • Upgrades to DNN CMS core modules such as Event calendar, Document Manager, Feedback, FAQ, Newsletter etc
  • We also provide upgrades to Premium DNN modules such as SunBlog and Easy DNN Gallery as part of this service.

These DNN Software upgrade services are included in our monthly hosting fees.

Because we are actively engaged with most of our clients on a monthly basis, we perform regular health checks on our hosted websites. 

The services above set us completely apart from normal hosting providers, where the responsibility to maintain and service your website is left completely to the owner.

Key Features of ITM's DNN Website Hosting

  1. Managed Server Hosting & DNN Upgrades: ITM provides regular website upgrades for their DNN hosting clients. This includes upgrades to the DNN Software Content Management Systems and core modules like Event Calendar, Document Manager, Feedback, FAQ, Newsletter, and more. They also offer upgrades to Premium DNN modules like SunBlog and Easy DNN Gallery.

  2. Regular Health Checks: ITM performs regular health checks on hosted websites, setting them apart from typical hosting providers where website maintenance is solely the owner's responsibility.

  3. Cloud Server Locations: Their Cloud Servers are hosted with Afrihost on a high-speed international backbone, configured for maximum throughput while maintaining security. They also use Xneelo.co.za Server Hosting solutions, with options for international hosting available upon request.

  4. Microsoft Windows Server Hosting Platform: ITM hosts on a Microsoft Windows server hosting platform, providing professional hosting packages for DNN.

  5. Hosting Packages and Pricing: ITM offers various website hosting options to cater to different business needs and sizes, from basic website hosting to advanced services supporting high volume transactions and e-commerce.

    • Standard Package: This includes HTML Brochure Sites with 1GB Disk Space, 5GB Monthly Bandwidth, and 5 Email Accounts.
    • Express Package: Most popular for DNN Multiportal CMS, Joomla, WordPress with 1GB Disk Space, 20GB Monthly Bandwidth, and 5 Email Accounts.
    • Professional Package: Suitable for eCommerce, Catalogues with 1GB Disk Space, 50GB Monthly Bandwidth, and 10 Email Accounts.
  6. Integrated Security Tools: ITM leverages ASP.NET's integration with security tools and frameworks, allowing DNN Software to benefit from enhanced security measures.

Overall, ITM provides a comprehensive DNN website hosting service that is reliable, secure, and adaptable to various business requirements. For more detailed information about their services and to Get a Quote, you can visit their website and ITM Website Hosting Prices and Packages.