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Quality Website Design - Random Harvest Nursery

What is the point of good website design unless it brings the business more sales leads?  A good website externalises the core business activities that engage customers and generate income for the business.

Our speciality is website development and search engine optimization (SEO), ensuring that we do everything necessary to bring your website to the top of the search engine's results page.

Core features of the Random Harvest website design

ITM’s flagship website design www.randomharvest.co.za shows you what to look for in a good website.

Website Navigation

Random Harvest is a massive website by most standards. With

  • 70 + static content pages
  • 90 + blog post entries (3 Blogs)
  • more than 451 plant catalogue pages (And growing)
  • 120 + newsletter archive pages
  • and about 60 event calendar pages

It may seem like an overwhelming number of pages, but once you begin navigating through the website, you will notice that we have used a systematic approach to the design so that visitors never feel lost.

Website Navigation

Our pages are simply and logically laid out. We take the time to make sure information is easily accessible. Search engines reward websites that are easy to use.

It’s thanks to these features that this website has approximately 2500 visitors a day who stick around to see exactly what the website has to offer.

Call-to-Action Banners

When we built this website, we used multiple banners with text and overlay buttons which allow for ease of navigation across the site and are easy to use with YouTube, Vimeo or HTML5 audios or videos.

Call-to-Action Banners

The live slider is a multipurpose slider which is responsive and used to create image galleries, content sliders as well as beautiful slide shows. This means that you can use imagery as a navigation tool, to take users to your critical content and to focus potential customers on services and products.

The slider also supports animated layers and provides over 200 preset 2D and 3D transitions. Furthermore, it offers touch gestures on mobile devices, once again allowing seamless navigation and responsiveness regardless of device.

Your website should be built around engaging your visitors and encouraging an action to affirm this. Whether it be a purchase, newsletter sign-up, event sign-up or blog subscription, you do not want visitors to leave your website empty-handed.

Blog Engine

An important area of focus on the websites we build is the blog engine which is updated regularly according to the latest and most relevant news. Furthermore, there is the option to subscribe to each blog so visitors can stay up to date with new entries.

Blog Engine

Blogs are often used to drive your website keyword index. Therefore, blog sitemap integration facilitates search engine indexing. 

In addition, full text site search integration allows visitors to find the information they are looking for intuitively.

Another effective feature which makes navigation easy is a categorised archive.

Event Calendar Engine

When an event calendar is applicable, an event sign-up and subscription feature is offered. The event calendar can also be integrated with users who are already registered on the website.

RHN Event Calendar

The event calendar is also integrated with iCalendar as well as the sitemap, once again allowing for better search engine indexing

The event calendar can be organised in a variety of views, month view, weekly or list view for ease of navigation.

Using RSS which distributes content from an online publisher to internet users, the event calendar distributes event reminders to users who have subscribed.

Users who are reminded about events are likely to attend the events. This gives business owners the opportunity to meet and interact and build relationships with their potential customers.

Indigenous Plant Catalogue

The indigenous plant catalogue is a custom built module, designed to showcase all the indigenous plants propagated at Random Harvest, with an emphasis on wildlife and insects.

RHN Indigenous Plant Catalogue

The catalogue provides each plant with its own page. This means that each plant is able to compete for search engine ranking in its own right. Most of the plant pages can be found at the top of search engine result pages, above other catalogues such as wikipedia.

We also used an advanced photo gallery to scale the enormous number of images required to populate the catalogue, as well as manage the SEO aspects of imagery. The result has been that Random Harvest plant images rank at the very top of Google Images and have contributed in no small way to the high search engine ranking of the website. 

With full text site search, navigation and filtering as well as sitemap integration, the catalogue accounts for a significant percentage of website traffic.

Our catalogues pages can also be shared via social media. This feature increases traffic between the website and the different social networks.

Newsletter Archive Module

For most websites, the newsletter archive is a neglected source of website content. But on Random Harvest, the newsletter archive is a valuable source of content for the website, providing internal linking and website index.

Full text site search allows visitors to easily navigate through the newsletter archive.


Archives are well structured and allow for editing where necessary. Each newsletter has it own page and the archive is integrated with the search engine site map.

Bulk Email Campaign System

We offer an email campaign system which supports multiple distribution lists and offers auto subscribe and unsubscribe functions.

Furthermore, this system has an auto bounce management system which also offers send and report management.

The bulk email engine works hand-in-hand with the newsletter archive described above.

Photo Gallery Engine

Using social media enabled galleries and lightbox carousels for our high-quality photo galleries, we ensure full SEO capability.

Keywords used to tag images (alt tags) help search engines recognise images related to what internet users are searching for.

Site Registration Module

Our websites allow admin roles to manage site user roles and permissions while assigning new subscribers to newsletter distribution lists.

Permissions allow users certain rights to manage or view content depending on their assigned roles.

Random Harvest allows Wholesale Users to view Wholesale Prices, for example.

Site Contact Forms

Site contact forms on Random Harvest are built to accommodate the different needs of its visitors.

A Wholesale registration form is available for wholesale clients.
Additionally, site contact forms offer visitors the option to make booking enquiries for the cottages.
Another form allows for newsletter subscription

These messages have different destinations depending on the subject chosen.

Wholesale Client Management

Permission based access to pricing catalogues and tables is offered to wholesale clients.

Wholesale Client permissions are managed by the site admininstrator.

ITM Website designers in Cape Town

These are some of the many features of the Random Harvest website built by ITM website designers in Cape Town. There are many other features which can be applied according to the needs of your business.

All of the above should be built within the budget of the client. Speak to ITM about our affordable website design packages.

For more information on how we can help you get to the top of any search engine results page, contact ITM Website Design.

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