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Cape Town Web design - 1 page web design - The Gas Works

ITM recently completed the Cape Town web design for using DNN Software.

Previously the client had a WordPress web design for over 2 years. The WP website had several problems, not least of which was that the website was terribly slow and wasn't ranking very well on the search engines.

It was easier for ITM to rebuild the website than to try to fix the existing web design.

1 page web design benefits

The decision to go with a 1 page web design was motivated as follows:

The client's business is relatively simple - that of registered Gas Installer.

This is a simple service and a 1 page web design should suffice.

Web Design with loads of features

Secondly, the ITM one page website design could incorporate all the required web design elements:

Clear contact details

Many web designs have website visitors searching for contact details, even forcing users to navigate to the Contact Page.  The Gas Works email and telephone number are right at the top of the page, where they are needed most. An additional Contact Area is at the bottom of the page.

Social media links

Many website designs hide the social media linkages at the bottom of the page, relegating Social Media to an afterthought. Social Media is however one of the most important touch points for any modern business.

A News Blog Engine

Without a news blog, the website would have trouble generating new content. It would not be able to use the publication of new content to reach out via Social Media.

The publication of useful content is critical to engaging new clients.

While the blog engine has a tiny home page footprint, it provides a massive boost to the SEO index of the website.

A flexible, scalable Photo Gallery

It is important that modern picture galleries provide more than just a display mechanism for the business. ITM galleries allow for commenting, sharing and rating.

Adequate indexed content

Not all content has to be immediately visible, especially if you want to create a website that is user friendly and SEO friendly. A fair amount of the content on the One page Web Design is in Collapsed Script.

Mobile Responsive Web Design

Building for Mobile first has become a key part of the ITM web design strategy. One Page web design looks and works great on Mobile devices.

Great SEO and Search Engine Ranking

We can already see an improved ranking of the website.

Finally, ITM provides effective, professional and value-for-money web design especially when looking at other website design (Cape Town) prices.

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