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Our Latest Ecommerce Website Design in Cape Town

For the Love of Silk is one of our most recent eCommerce website design projects.

With the times changing and everyone moving their businesses online, it was time to move their business from a simple web design to an eCommerce powerhouse.

Hotcakes - DNN Ecommerce Website Design

DNN offers several great eCommerce solutions, including Hotcakes.

Hotcakes is an open-source e-Commerce store, and it wasn’t named Hotcakes for nothing. It’s designed to help you sell your products quickly, with ease and in style.

For the Love of Silk Ecommerce Website Design

Like all businesses, the recent lockdown changed the way this business was able to operate. Going online was the simplest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to continue trading while also sticking to the new COVID19 health and safety regulations.

As Silk Products Suppliers, they had several eCommerce requirements:

  • Their customers needed to be able to feel the opulence of their products before making their online purchase.
  • It needed to be mobile responsive and work on all devices.
  • Each product needed a powerful display.
  • The site needed to manage their stock – availability, colours, sizes, etc.
  • It needed to display discounts, calculate tax and shipping.
  • The site needed to be as relevant as possible to search engines – Ecommerce Search Engine Optimisation.
  • People needed to be able to review and share their products.
  • While people were browsing products, they needed to be shown related products.
  • It needed to be secure and capture information for future remarketing opportunities.

Ecommerce Website Design Cape Town

The Best eCommerce Website Design

Fortunately, Hotcakes provides a comprehensive and fully customisable eCommerce solution.

Our responsive eCommerce design works well on all devices including smartphones and tablets.

Not only can you change small details in display, you are also able to add and import products into a catalogue and export them to a spreadsheet.

The platform manages stock, stock levels, calculates tax and shipping. Each product can be individually configured to its specific requirements and SEO is easy to implement.

On the front end of the website, products can be displayed by category, featured products or in a clean grid view.

Adding an SSL certificate makes this platform extra secure and the checkout process is simply laid out and provides for registration or guest checkout.

eCommerce website design Cape Town

ITM Ecommerce Website Design Cape Town

In the past, eCommerce website design prices were unachievable for smaller businesses. However, eCommerce can now be delivered effectively without breaking the bank.

We were able to meet and exceed each of the client’s expectations. Contact us for an eCommerce website design quote – you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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