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Email Hosting

Basic ITM Email host settings

ITM email hosting pop3 and smtp mailservers are both: With most email clients you will need to configure this manually.

Compare your settings with the screenshot below:


It is your responsibility to ensure the secrecy of your password. Password rules are 4 letters (uppercase and lowercase) and 4 numbers randomly generated by the server.

The SMTP server requires authentication using the same settings as your incoming mail. You will NOT be able to SEND mail unless you have set this up.

If you get a "…We do not relay...," message then you know you haven't.

In addition, sending your email via another mail server may result in your mail being blocked, especially if you are sending to another ITM user. 

This is because spammers create phony addresses that look like they come from legitimate senders.

To set SMTP authentication go to More Settings >> Outgoing Server >> Tick 'My outgoing server requires authentication' - Use same settings as incoming mail server.

In addition some ISP's block emails where users have different email servers to their own. 

So if you are using Mweb (And a few others) please change your outgoing SMTP port under the Advanced tab to port 587, and make your server timeouts at least 2 minutes 30 seconds.

ITM Webmail

Webmail logon page:
Test your account logon username and password on ITM Webmail.


You will use the ITM webmail to manage your spam. Spam is even more a security and privacy issue besides a huge nuisance and it must be managed. It is estimated that spam makes up about 90% of all email worldwide.

The ITM mail server uses a variety of defences against Spam to protect you, but sometimes these server rules block legitimate mail. ITM Webmail gives you the tools to manage what you want to receive.

In addition to spam filters we also use a Challenge Response linked to a Quarantine folder to check that the email was sent by a real person and not a machine. Legitimate senders may use this system to authorise email to you.

As a final precaution we do deliver email after a certain time period to make sure that you do not lose email. But if you are experiencing delayed delivery it is because you are not managing your spam.

Logon to ITM Webmail

Click on the Quarantine Folder to see possible spam trapped there.

  • Whitelist the legitimate senders and Delete the junk.

Click on your Spam Folder

  • Whitelist the legitimate senders and Delete the junk.
  • Whitelisting will automatically move the email into your inbox.
  • Refresh the Inbox to view.

ITM users are also expected to refrain from sending spam.


ITM runs an integrated antivirus program on the mail server.

However, it is possible for viruses to slip through this system. This, and because users are vulerable to viruses simply by browsing the internet, makes it absolutely necessary for each user to run their own anti-virus program on their own computers.



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