Password Manager

We strongly recommend that all ITM clients use a Password Manager.

Password managers are applications that store your passwords for you, along with the username for each online account you have. You can use a good password manager to store everything from email credentials and banking logins, as well as license keys and personal information.

Password managers make it easier to use strong passwords. Many have built-in secure password generators that will help you create sufficiently random, long, and different passwords for every one of your accounts. 

Why use a Password Manager?

Everyone of us use devices to access the digital world, via the internet, and conduct most of our business in this way. This exposes everyone to the risk of having our login credentials hijacked by criminals. These stolen credentials are then used to steal money, information and data from you.

In order to deal with the massive amount of information required to store our credentials, most internet users take short cuts and rely on insecure storage methods.

Creating unique, complex passwords is easy

Typically short cuts mean using simple, easy-to-deduce passwords, and using the same password for multiple applications. Should one application be hacked, and your credentials leaked along with the rest of the users on the application, hackers will resell this information.  This leads to password re-use attacks. 

Remove password storage from browsers

You'll be amazed how many passwords are stored in browsers. This creates an incredible opportunity for hackers to access your PC, or mobile device and steal all your passwords. You should never allow your browser to save passwords.