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SSL Website Certificates

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificates are small data files that enable secure connections between a website and the user's browser. This is critical when securing online transactions such as credit card payments, data transfer and user logins.

It is an essential tool to ensure that users feel safe using your website. In recognition of this, modern browsers such as Chrome and Firefox alert users when an SSL certificate is absent from a website. In addition, Google regards the SSL certificate as a search engine ranking factor.

SSL certificates bind together a domain name with the organization's identity and location allowing users to 'trust' that the connection is secure.

The SSL certificate changes the application protocol to HTTPS in the browsing bar, thus:

SSL Certificate https protocol

Website Hacking

Hacking is an ever-present, increasingly prevalent danger for web users. Theft of personal information, credit card details and hijacking of browser sessions makes the modern web an oftentimes hostile place. SSL Certificates assist website owners to restore trust in online transactions, and in interacting with your website.

All websites should therefore be secured with SSL certificates if you are serious about security and earning the trust of your customers.

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