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What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing entails creating brand awareness by marketing your business’s latest news via email. It allows you to persuade existing customers and reach new potential customers directly.

It enables your business to easily and quickly target specific markets without exceeding your budget or available human resources.

Benefits of Email Marketing

  • Constant contact with customers enriches business communications.
  • Constant contact helps build customer loyalty.
  • Brand recognition creates trust in a product or services
  • It is both cost-effective and efficient form of communication.
  • Makes sure that your customers are incentivized to register on your website and use opt-in lists to create an accurate customer database.
  • Email marketing software allows you to segment your emailing list and target specific key markets on a more personal level.

Types of Email Marketing

Direct email

Involves sending promotional messages about your service or product and your special offers in the form of an email. Marketing email by nature is unsolicited. Therefore the business can be exposed to reputational risks associated with spam. It is critical that the business email remain unaffected by this.

Retention email

An email (newsletter) that is sent out with the aim of building a long-lasting relationship and producing an impact on its readers. It is important to track specific links, keywords and actionable content in these newsletters to evaluate the most effective aspects.

Email marketing with ITM

ITM is a certified digital marketing, website design and development company in Cape Town.

Although DNN website design software comes with a great user-friendly built in bulk emailing system, we would recommend cost effective DNN module extensions that are specifically designed for managing email marketing campaigns, tracking and analysis.

DNN Software Bulk Email, Newsletters & Email Marketing

ITM actively manages bulk email marketing campaigns on behalf of clients.

For more information on our services please contact us.



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