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Professionally designed websites can be expensive. Yet if they remain as brochure sites from lack of visibility instead of performing as interactive customer engagement platforms, their cost will simply be a good waste of money.

A website is the mechanism that forms the basis of your business overall marketing strategy. And if your customers can’t find your website, its purpose is lost.

Although Digital Marketing is normally what happens after your website is up and running, your website must be designed with the purpose of digital marketing in mind from the start.

It involves specifically designed digital marketing strategies and technologies that enable your business to take full advantage of your website's marketing potential. It is also a methodology that approaches marketing from the outset as the purpose of your website among others.

Accessibility and visibility of the business products and services becomes far greater when using social media and networking channels. However Digital Marketing is more than just a business participating in social media and networking.

Digital marketing processes:

  • Mobile Marketing- saturation of mobile devices is in excess of 80% amongst consumers in the South African market. Mobile marketing gives your business direct access to the consumer's personal device.
  • Cost Per Click Campaigns- Using Google's massive penetration of the global, local and mobile search market, we can design campaigns that cost effectively target specific keywords.
  • Social Media Marketing- Engagement with your market is more than having a social network presence. It means connecting with your audience.
  • Inbound Marketing- Link building is about relationships between businesses and between people.
  • Email Marketing - An old technology, but a cornerstone in any concerted digital marketing campaign. Ask about our bulk email marketing solutions.
  • Content Marketing- More than ever before, your quality content and its distribution will distinguish you from your competitors.

ITM offers a SEO Technical Audit as a service. This allows us to analyze your website and identify its level of Search Engine Optimization. We cover all the aspects in and on the page that need to be addressed.

Advantages of Digital Marketing:

  • It is the most cost-effective and efficient means of marketing your services and products.
  • Increases your business’s ability to reach new and old customers whilst generating traffic at a fraction of the traditional marketing cost.
  • Provides an immediate connection between you and your customer, building long-lasting connections through blogs, discussion forums, polls and online surveys.
  • Customer engagement enables you to assess your customer’s needs and wants and discover potential business opportunities
  • Endorsed sharing and promotion of your business by fans increases credibility with potential customers and search engines.
  • Search engines recognise digital marketing efforts and reward your business by improving it’s search engine indexing - SEM (search engine marketing)
  • Web analytics allow you to track and analysis the demographics of your customers (gender, age, location, time of day/month/year)
  • Identifying demographics enables you to maximise and target your exposure, improving the relativity of your marketing strategies.
  • It is flexible and adaptable which allows for a number of different advertising strategies to run simultaneously.

ITM digital marketing with DNN Software content management systems

ITM are the proud developers of DNN content management systems (CMS), this system is arguably the most user friendly CMS available.

DNN allows the website owner to accomplish all the principles of Digital Marketing within one integrated platform.

See article Choosing the best website software for optimal digital marketing

Contact us now and let’s discuss how ITM can help you create a successful Digital Marketing campaign and achieve optimal business results.


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