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Website Hosting and DNN Hosting

ITM specialise in DNN website hosting.

We also offer website hosting services in multiple secure web hosting environments.

Dedicated webservers, database servers and email servers enable us to deliver a high speed, reliable, robust website hosting environment to our clients.

ITM Hosting 

Our email hosting pop3 and smtp mailservers are both: postman.asit.co.za.

Our website hosting services are available on:

Whether you are a small business with a basic brochure-ware website, or a large organisation requiring a multiple tier website hosting solution with database functionality, we can assist you.

Please have a look at our website hosting packages, platforms and pricing here.

Feel free to contact ITM today to discuss your web hosting requirements.

How much of your website traffic brings you business?


Many website owners are disappointed to find that much of their website traffic is wasted.

Your website visitors don't become leads and your leads, such as there are some, don't become customers.

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