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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Technical Audit

Avoid having your website penalised by search engines with our SEO Technical Audit, and stop losing customers to your competitors.

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technical audit allows you to analyse your website and identify aspects that do not meet SEO approved requirements.

It then provides you with a benchmark that can be used to improve your website’s SEO and overall site performance.

Furthermore, an audit is an effective mechanism used to ensure you are getting value for the money you have invested into your website's SEO.

A SEO Audit will focus on the following aspects of your website:

Competitor Analysis – Best performers for your keywords in search results

In search engine results, your website's position and ranking greatly influences your website's traffic.

This analysis will give you a good indication as to who your competitors are and what the average amount of traffic they receive is.

Website Traffic Analysis

Each visitor to your site is a potential customer, the more targeted traffic your site receives, the higher your sales, leads & profits will be.

This analysis helps to give you a better understanding of the amount and quality of traffic your website is attracting.

Social Media Marketing – Social Network Popularity

Having an active social media presence improves your brands visibility and recognition, Social signals are ab indication of the relative success of your customer engagement.

This analysis compares your social media marketing efforts and presence to that of the best performers in your industry.

SEO Factors that Influence Site Visibility on Search Engines

Search engines such as Google, use a number of factors to decide whether your website is relevant to a potential customer’s search query.

Visibility issues will affect your ranking in search engine results and decrease the amount of targeted traffic you receive.

This analysis will identify whether there are any website visibility issues found on your site.

Site Usability Issues – Responsive Website Design

There are more searches performed on mobile devices today than ever before, therefore you need to ensure that your website is responsive to all devices with acceptable page loading speeds.

Search engines such as Google, use mobile responsiveness, page speed and a usability score to rank your site pages.

This analysis will identify what your page speed scores are and how mobile friendly your website is.

Technical SEO Issues on your Site

Technical issues such as “404 page not found” and “slow response pages” found on your website may deter potential customers and signal to search engines that your website is being neglected or badly managed.

This analysis will identify any technical issues that may occur on your website.

Site Rankings in Search Engines

If your website does not appear on the first or second page of the search engine results for your key search terms, then essentially it doesn't exist for your potential customers.

This analysis examines search engine results for two of the major search terms relevant to your business and detects whether your website appears in the top 10 results on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Low-quality links pointing to your site

Toxic backlinks have a negative impact on your site rankings and may even provoke search engines to not rank certain keywords found on your website or remove your website entirely from search results.

This analysis will point out any toxic links, giving you peace of mind.

Google Algorithm Requirements

If your website does not meet Google’s algorithm requirements, it may rank lower in position in search results and will therefore receive less traffic.

This analysis will identify whether your website meets such requirements.

If you would like a SEO Technical Audit conducted on your website, please contact us.

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