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ITM Newsletter - March 2019

Posted On: Monday, March 18, 2019

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ITM Website Design
Going Digital
We just made a giant leap

Over the past month-and-a-half ITM has moved most of our web clients onto the Cloud. In addition we have also moved all email clients onto Hetzner mail servers. 


ITM servers had reached end-of-life, and Vox Telecom, where ITM servers were located,  had indicated that they were changing their data-centre business.


Hetzner are, by far, the biggest hosting provider in South Africa and possess the infrastructure to support your future growth.


Although ITM will continue to provide first-line support to all our clients,  Hetzner’s excellent technical support systems are user-friendly and rated world-class.

Most importantly, your email hosting costs should not change.


However, with all these changes, to website hosting and email hosting, it is possible that we missed something.


So it is very important:

  1. That you test the contact and other forms on your website. Send an email to yourself via the form(s), using your gmail or other account details. Make sure you get the message!
  2. That you make sure that your email(s) routes properly. i.e. you are copied to the correct address.
  3. That you make sure that all your email accounts are operational, old accounts are terminated, and that you have the login details for all email accounts safely stored.
  4. That you login to your new webmail accounts to make sure you complete the email account setup.
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