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Domain Name Servers - DNS Services

Domain Name Servers also known as DNS are essential server services that inform domain requests where your hosting servers may be found.

This controls your email as well your website hosting location.

DNS is such a mission critical service

ITM uses a reputable service provider - DNSimple.

  • Each domain we control has 4 nameservers,
  • Located on all 4 major continents and the chances of this service failing over are extremely small.

We also as a rule separate the DNS from the Registrar, and allows us to swing domains very quickly whenever it is required.

Please follow the link to contact us for more information on Domain Name Servers Cape Town,

Mobile First Design - Mobile Responsive Web Design


Google is also about to announce a massive change to its ranking results. Soon a 'mobile first index' will be used for website rankings.  

Google will therefore be indexing the mobile versions of website pages and not the desktop web page versions as its primary index.

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