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Mobile Marketing Cape Town

What is mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing enables brands to create personal relationships that in some cases are not possible through conventional digital marketing channels. It entails promoting your brand through ads and media designed for cell phones, smart phones, and tablets.

It is a permission-based form of marketing, meaning users respond to a call to action asking them to opt-in to your mobile marketing campaign.

Why do you need Mobile Marketing?

The age of the computer is behind us, we live in a post digital world now run by smart mobile technology, with almost 75% of the world reaching for their tablet or smartphone first in order to find information on a topic.

Mobile Marketing is a convenient and effective way of keeping your customers up to date with news, products, services and special offers.

Mobile marketing is a direct channel between your business and your customer, connecting your business to the world via mobile ads and social media has phenomenal advantages. Marketing via mobile is immediate.

The advantages go beyond an increase in social media interaction. It allows you to access a part of the marketing market that is continually being used by Mobile and Tablet owners, their daily constant interaction with their device.

Advantages of Mobile Marketing

·         Customisation

Each social media platform has various accommodating designs which allow you to choose from different ad formats, allowing you to customise your advertisements and advertisement style so that you are able to display your brand creatively and uniquely.

·         Broadening whilst sharing and staying connected

Having a mobile based ad is highly beneficial when it comes to sharing. You are able to broaden your audience and market as users are able to instantly share
advertisements and promotions they find interesting and exciting. Sharing instantly increases your traffic and the amount of people your advertisement will reach compared to traditional marketing methods such as a newspaper advertisement.

·         Building customer relationships

Because mobile marketing campaigns are secure they allow you to relay messages directly to the consumer enabling you to personalise the message being delivered, you are then able to receive advertisement feedback instantly which makes for a valuable two-way conversation with customers.

·         Interactive and Relative

Mobile Campaigns help your business be more aware of your customer’s needs. They are able to provide information such as location of a customer or time of response, helping your business to contextualise and capitalise on interests at specific moments.

ITM is a certified digital marketing, website design and development company in Cape Town.

We are able to run successful mobile marketing strategies for your business, for more information on our mobile marketing services please contact us.



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ITM is a certified digital marketing, website design and search engine optimization agency in Cape Town.